There are always difficult moments in every relationship but how can you decide when it is really over and it is no longer possible to remain together?
For whatever reason, you may find yourself in one of the two following circumstances:-

  • You are unhappy with your current relationship and are trying to decide whether to remain together or separate.
  • You want to leave but are worried about the future and want to make sure that you are making the right decision.

Who can help you?

There are many resources available to you at this time of crisis.

1. Family and Friends

On an informal basis, simply talk to family and friends, particularly those who have been through a separation themselves or who have some experience of problems within a relationship. Remember though, that people will often provide their own subjective opinions on what you should or should not do and sometimes this can be confusing. Their advice may be well intentioned but they may have their own agenda, for instance, they never really liked your partner.

At the start both you and your partner loved each other, despite what is happening now. Is it at all possible to restore that previous good relationship? Remember that every marriage is different and consequently each divorce will be different.

2. Counselling

Consider talking to your GP or seeing a trained counsellor who can offer impartial guidance and therapy to enable you to make these crucial decisions which affect your life and those of any children more clearly.

At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors, we can recommend and refer you to local and effective counsellors who are experienced in helping people who are contemplating a separation or divorce. Some clients also find that help from a counsellor while they are going through the divorce process assists them in making decisions more clearly.

3. Relate

Relationship counselling assists couples to make the most of their relationships both current and for the future. Relate should be considered as the first independent source of help when people face divorce or separation or other areas of major conflict. Relate is also there for less onerous relationship difficulties. Overall, Relate can help by offering the support that is best for you at your time of need.

4. Specialist Legal Advice

Importantly, take some independent experienced legal advice from a Specialist Family Law Solicitor. At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors, we will listen carefully to your needs and consider the position of any dependent children. We offer understanding, advice, reassurance, support, protection and guidance from the first interview. We will answer your questions and provide the advice that you need without any commitment on your part to proceed and at the first interview this will be without any cost to you in terms of our fees.

At Blackdown Family Law Solicitors, we understand that separation will be one of the most stressful and difficult periods of your life but the painful journey can be handled with dignity and security to you by our experienced specialist family law solicitor. We are not interested in simply taking you through the divorce process at the first interview but instead, we wish to explain thoroughly what will happen and to make sure that you understand the effect on you and any dependent children of your separation and any financial settlement that you wish to achieve.

You will be advised from the outset and throughout your case by John Turner, an experienced and respected local Solicitor. He will be available to help and advise you seven days a week until the conclusion of your case. He will take you through the process to secure an early settlement. At all times, he will advise you of the effect on you and your children of what you want to achieve, what your full legal entitlement could be and what, in turn, would represent an economical settlement.

A firm and direct approach will be taken with your partner but never hostile or confrontational, as we do not wish to increase acrimony between you. We provide the necessary information and guidance to enable you to make the required decisions about your future.

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